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22 مهر 1397
Hussain is the shining light of guidance

Muhammad Shojaee

Hussain is the shining light of guidance

‍ :( Prophet Muhammad (s) said
"Verily Hussain is the shining light of guidance and the ark of salvation"
Why is Imam Hussain (a) called "The Ark of Salvation" or "The rescue ship" (سفینه النجاه also means "Rescue ship" )
The first reason is that a rescue ship brings itself to the drowning person faster than any other ship
The second reason is that it has all the tools and means required to save and aid the drowning person
The third is that all other ships have their own routes and the drowning person should get himself to them if he wants to be saved, but in a rescue ship, it is the captain who does everything he can to reach the drowning person in order to save him
Peace be upon you O’ Aba abdillah al Hussain and Safinat Al Naja


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