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5 آذر 1397
 The prophet of Islam, Muhammad (s), is the prophet of kindness and mercy

 The prophet of Islam, Muhammad (s), is the prophet of kindness and mercy

When he talked with someone, he would turn to and face that person completely and wouldn't look at people from the corner of his eyes. 

 He socialized a lot with the poor people and would accept their invitations to eat with them.

He was kind toward his relatives without giving them any special position or status. 

 When he wanted to point at something, he would always do it with his hand and never with his eyes or eyebrows. 

 He would never seek people's faults or shortcomings. 

 He would never talk bad about others, nor he would exaggerate in praising them. 

 He would always visit the patients, even when they were living in the farthest areas of the city. 

 The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (s), would always call people with their best names. 

 He would always accept the excuse the people gave for something they had done. 

 He would sit and eat on the ground and he slept on the ground. 

 He was the most committed person about honoring the agreements.

 He released an infidel that was captured in war, just for the reason that he (that infidel) was a good-tempered and virtuous man. 

 He used to say "Be lenient toward people, for I am not sent to make things hard for them"

 He said "If you were planting a sapling and saw the signs of impending Judgement Day, continue with what you were doing and plant that tree"

 He was very caring even toward the animals. One day, he saw a camel that was tethered with its load still on its back. He said "tell the owner of this camel to prepare himself for the punishment in the Day of Judgement"

 He used to smell the flowers and said "This is the scent of paradise" and believed that we should appreciate plants and trees.


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